Wedding Cakes: Complete Directions How to Make One

Making your own wedding cake using these simple directions from Wilton and Michael’s can help you with your reception and wedding budget. Each of the wedding cakes listed in this article has some instructions and items needed for each of the cakes. Each cake has the complete listed that you will need to purchase the cake pans, decorating tips, pillars and plates, icing and fondant, and bases. If you find yourself in need of help with the wedding cakes, you can find more help with the Building Tiered Cakes Tutorials from Wilton.

Plumeria Promise Tiered Wedding Cake

The Plumeria Promise tiered wedding cake is made with square and circle cakes. The skill level for baking and decorating this wedding cake is a level three. To me the hardest part of decorating this cake is the making and rolling of the fondant to cover the cake tiers. The borders are simple borders compared to some I have seen. The next hardest thing with this particular wedding cake is stacking the layers.

Beaucoup Beauty Wedding Cake

This is a three tier wedding cake that is not stacked on top of each other. The fondant rolling would be the hardest part of decorating this wedding cake. The difficulty level is three for this wedding cake. The borders are simple. If you feel uncomfortable making the bows from fondant, non fraying fabric or ribbon can be used instead.

Black Tie Affair Wedding Cake

The Black Tie Affair wedding cake has a level rating of two. This makes decorating the cake simpler than the previous two. It is a two layer wedding cake done in black fondant. This would be a great cake for a small wedding and reception.

Black and White Classic Wedding Cake

The Black and White Classic Wedding cake is a simple three tier wedding cake. It has the classic three tiers separated by white pillars and cake plates. It has simple and easy to do borders around the bottom of the cake tiers.

Unveiling a Masterpiece

This is a more elegant wedding cake for those who want a more traditional cake. The decorating of this wedding cake is a level four. That means it is one of the harder cakes to make with the free Wilton guide.

Roses And Lace Romance

Wilton has this cake rated as a level one. The hardest part of decorating this cake will be making all the roses from icing. If you know someone who can make roses from icing you can enlist their help in this part of decorating your cake.

For those who want to make your own wedding cake but have no to little knowledge of cake decorating, take a few cake decorating classes at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. They will teach you the basics needed for any of these cakes. You can also take the picture of the cake with you to any of these classes to see if they will show the class how to make specific parts of decorating the cakes.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are a style statement that can really elevate the level of your celebration! Our master bakers and decorators combine their skills to bring together that master-piece that will have your guests gasping! Our cakes are sure to make some memories that you will cherish for the years to come!

Celebration Cakes

Designed to add an extra dose of fun to your celebrations. We work closely with your theme and create something specially for you! Check with us to see the crazy themes we have worked on in the past. Bonus: these cakes taste great too!

Bridal Shower Cakes

You can have practically any sort of dessert at your bridal shower, but a cake is a fun and quite method to complement the celebration. And it’s a possibility for you to get as imaginative as you like. We like the concept of a cake in the shape of a teapot or a stack of presents! Here are a few of our preferred bridal shower cake develops to inspire you.

Deepti Tanwar

Konstadin designed my wedding cake last year. We were apprehensive while placing our order but we were so happy to see how beautiful it turned out eventually. Thank you for making some great memories and great tasting cake!